The Easter Bunny's little accomplices
Written on: Fri, 2 Apr 2010; 23:10
Easter BunnyBe prepared: the Easter Bunny has once again entered the atmosphere and is ready to invade our planet. His little accomplices have already stocked the stores and planted a nerve craving chocolate eggs into all of your heads. Yes, Easter is a time of celebration.

Winter Easter BunnyDoes anyone remember when the first easter eggs appeared in the shops? You must also remember that - in case you live in the Northern hemisphere - you were very happy to still have your winter coat and there was quite possibly even snow when you stepped outside the shop. Quite right, the first easter eggs appear pretty much the day after Valentine. From one chocolate fantasy into the next! And how many of you actually bought easter eggs on that first day? That's right, don't look away, I know you did!

Me with easter eggA popular activity on Easter Sunday of course is the easter egg hunt! Kids waiting in the house while the easter mummy hid all the eggs in the garden. And then make a run for them. The more the better! Rain or clouds, snow or sun, those eggs had to be found. When it rained all the paint - so much work to make them pretty! - would have washed away, and when we then had them for breakfast the eggs would be blue or red or green on the inside too! Those were the times!

Painting eggsSo what happens now? You buy painted eggs in the shops, all ready for you to hide in the garden or somewhere in the house, and you're assured they'll still be white when you eat them. Where's the fun on the day before Easter? Sitting with granddad painting them nicely! And of course, how many of us actually hunt for REAL eggs on Easter? No, we eat chocolate eggs. Remember to blame all the weight you gain and the extra amount of chocolate you eat on the Easter Bunny's little accomplices!

Well people, it doesn't really matter who's to blame for chocolate or what the Easter Bunny does or even whether you buy your eggs painted and well in the supermarket; what really matters is that you have a really good time with whoever matters to you! So: enjoy!


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