Earth Hour 2010
Written on: Sat, 27 Mar 2010; 12:51
Earth HourToday I will use my weblog to advocate what I think is a fantastic initiative that has grown exponentially over the past two years. What started as a local event in Sydney, Australia went international in 2008 and now the entire world joins in Earth Hour. Today is the 27th of March and tonight between 8.30pm and 9.30pm cities around the world will be turning off their lights. For us "normal" people: we can do the same!

Earth Hour CanberraSo what really is the idea behind Earth Hour? It comes from the WWF to help the earth and ourselves with it. Electricity use is supposed to decrease greatly during this hour if all of us turn of our non-essential lights and electrical appliances. This includes laptops, computers, lights, televisions, etc. but not your fridge. Photos of cities before and during Earth Hour worldwide show that the difference is significant. Electricity companies also say that the demand decreases greatly.

In parts of the world Earth Hour has already past, and looking at the photos on flickr and the videos on youtube it is already successful! Everyone is partying for this one hour of old-fashioned FUN!

Earth Hour VietnamMany people will be annoyed by the idea of not using their laptop/computer/television/playstation/nintendo DS/other electrical appliances, but Earth Hour can be loads of fun! Here some tips on how to make it a fun hour:
- Get your candles out and get ready for a romantic hour with your boyfriend/girlfriend. For one hour there will be no outside distractions.
- Get together with a group of friends. Light loads of candles and play card games, tell each other ghost stories.
- An acoustic music night! Pick up your clarinet, ocarina or guitar and sing along all together!
- Now is the time for a walk. Stars will be better visible then normal and you can check out what other people are doing.
- Have fondue (a meal where no electricity is required!)
- A giant pillow fight with all your friends and family
For more tips check out the "60 things to do during Earth Hour" on the website of the Globe and Mail.

Let's all do it and make it loads of fun! Watch the videos below for more info:


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