A blog on Sinterklaasday
Written on: Sat, 5 Dec 2009; 21:44
In the Netherlands Sinterklaas is celebrated the 5th of December
We write each others many poems to remember
And thus my blog today will be written in rhyme
Although I cannot promise a beautiful sounding chime

Borjita y Clarita Poor Borjita stayed at home for three days last week
He was coughing a lot and his lungs were in a tweak
Lucky the second day was better and he joined me outside
With Alexandra and I he took the bus from the roadside

He got to sit in the cart when we arrived at the mall
It was so much fun, he was having a ball!
Borjita threw our stuff in the cart when we were shopping
A good boy he was and there was no need for stopping

Borjita As a reward he got to play in the ball barge
The smile on his face, I've never seen it so large!
On my shoulders he rode from the mall to the bus
He was the jockey and the horse I was thus!

As long as it's not on paper, drawing is a hobby of his
And a bath is often needed after a painting adventure like this
Because what is more fun than drawing on legs and arms?
A 3-year-old with a pencil and they start ringing: my alarms!

To have a bath is an adventure on its own
Though Borjita doesn't like the water down to the bone
He used to scream often "No el pelo!" - "Not my hair!"
He wishes that was something about which I wouldn't care

Indira y Borjita But once it's all over - with my hand covering his eyes
He is oh so proud and exclaims loudly: "No one cries!"
Wet hair, in his pajama's and with hot chocolate in his hands
Together we can face the world, as everyone chants!

Brushing his teeth is improving every night
No longer on my lap, and he tries it himself if he might
Afterwards a song and a kiss and a hug to round it off
The two of us sing Barney's song about love

Borjita dientes Clarita likes Christmas so as soon as she can
She draws stars, Christmas trees and of course many snowmen!
Fully dressed in all reds she enters the room
A red coat, a red dress, red shoes: one shiny red gloom!

Together we also have fun drawing a poster for Christmas
It hangs on the door to the balcony and brings us all bless
The two of us then sing to the melody of "Jingle Bells"
A real Spanish Christmas which ends in jolly yells!

"Navidad, navidad. Dulce navidad!
Es un día de alegria y felicidad, hey!"

Clarita This morning the three of us went cycling in town
Clarita on her own bike, proudly in her red gown
Borjita and I were cosy together on one bike
For both kids impossible not to like!

This was my poem to tell you more about my life
Some form of rhythm it should have, but I wouldn't try to jive!

Lots of love.


Supervet:D Echt geweldig!
Written by Adinda on Sun, 6 Dec 2009 at 09:01
ahahahah so sweet!!
Written by tamara on Sun, 6 Dec 2009 at 20:04
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