Written on: Sun, 1 Nov 2009; 19:56
For one week we went back to summer. I walked around in a t-shirt without a coat, I woke up all sweaty in the morning. A very strange experience at the end of October in a place where you would expect real autumn to have commenced... But here is what happened during my week of summer!

Last week Friday I thought it was time for a short visit to Bilbao. I had to buy a sweater, because autumn has already arrived and winter will soon - at least, that's what I thought. It was also nice to walk through the city, to observe the people around me and just to look around. The Via Grande - the main street - is quite nice to walk through, and it has loads of shops. According to Eunate it will become even more gorgeous soon, as the Christmas decorations will go up. Coming weekend I'll be visiting the Guggenheim with Alexandra, so I guess we'll see it then!

Borjita y Clarita surfingDuring the weekend Clarita has been teaching Borjita to surf in the living room. Both with great little caps they were standing on their surfboards beating the waves. It was possible to do so in swimwear and a shirt, because strangely enough the temperature has suddenly risen way beyond normal since last weekend. The people here find it strange too, as you don't expect temperatures of 30 degrees at the end of October. Because of the summery relapse we have also had a lot of fog, as the sea is cold and the air is warm. Thus, the sea starts to evaporate. The entire town smelled like salt! Global warming... Would that be it? According to the weather forecast temperatures will start falling again this week, luckily...

The first half of the past week was not too fantastic, as I managed to get sick once again. Probably it was just a slightly exaggerated cold, but it was annoying. Fever, headache, sore throat and troubling lungs. Lucky me that is all over now and I'm as healthy as I get! During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday however poor Borjita also caught something nasty, and because Clarita was having a headache in the morning both children stayed home from school. Borjita felt absolutely horrible, and I spent my afternoon sitting on the sofa with a half sleeping, half conscious little stove on my lap. Clarita luckily was perfectly fine, and she could go to school again on Thursday.

HalloweenBorjita HalloweenOn Friday there was a Halloween celebration at school, and Clarita was allowed to go to school dressed as a pirate. Borjita would have been allowed to do so, had he gone to school at al. The poor boy was still sick at home. To make life easier and a bit more fun for him, and because Friday evening is so boring otherwise, I organized a small Halloween party for the kids. I baked cookies with spiderwebs made of icing, and I baked a cake. I put a table with a plastic Mickey Mouse tablecloth in the centre of the kitchen, and they got to colour in Halloween drawings, and to decorate the cake with candy and green whipped cream. Especially Borjita was very impressed!

Yesterday I went cycling with Clarita, which to her is a real adventure. She absolutely adores going downhill, uphill is causing a bit more trouble. But I suppose that counts for all of us!

Lots of love.


Hope you are feeling ok now xx
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