Freedom, happiness and cookies!
Written on: Sun, 11 Oct 2009; 12:41
Apologies, apologies. I know. It's been almost two weeks since my previous blog. But, don't worry to much, today you can read one of my blogs once again! My story about Bilbao, Subway, "Alguna Patata" and baking cookies!

Last weekend I had an entirely free weekend. The family went on a short holiday to Santander from Friday to Sunday, to spend the weekend at the beach in their family home. It allowed me to do whatever I liked on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Peace. Friday evening was really just peace and quiet. Lounging on the sofa with green peas and instant noodles (such a surprise), and a movie. Several movies to be honest, and of course all my lovely friends on skype and msn!

Guggenheim Saturday during the day I went to Bilbao with Alexandra. Our initial plan was to go to the giant H&M that they have there, and to visit the Guggenheim museum. The latter we did not entirely succeed in, as we only saw its exterior. We were too tired to do the entire museum. It is absolutely gigantic, and pretty expensive. So you really need to have the energy to spend an entire day there, which we didn't. What we did do is eat Subway right across from the Guggenheim museum. It is the only Subway restaurant in the region, and it was delicious! In the H&M I ended up buying a belt, which for you is probably highly uninteresting...

During the past week we've started introducing bedtimes for the children. Borjita is in bed by 8.30 and Clarita by 9.30. We're doing pretty good, and most of the time they are actually in bed around that time. Borjita of course only when accompanied by half a garage of little cars, and after 300 "besitos" (kisses), but it works! He's getting way better with brushing his teeth too, and he seems to even enjoy shouting "Aaaaaaah" when I ask him to.

Clarita cookies Clarita and Indira Clarita came home sick on Wednesday, with a sore throat and a fever of about 38.5. For a while we were scared that it might be a flu, or even the Mexican flu, but lucky us we've not yet encountered that. It was laryngitis, an infection of the larynx. This did meant that she had to stay home from school on Thursday and Friday, but by now she's walking around smiling and singing along - with a slightly hoarse voice - with High School Musical. "I need fabulous!!" On Friday we baked butter cookies together, and she very proudly poses with them on the photo. And they did taste delicious!

For Borjita it wasn't quite so easy that his sister was sick, and the idea of going to school without her didn't really appeal to him. Luckily a new song saved the day! "Vamos al colé, vamos al colé! Juntos vamos al colé, juntos vamos al colé! Vamos al colé, y me gusta mucho mucho!" Especially the "Mucho, mucho" is a favorite of him, and he loves singing along on the way to school. He is good at singing along, as I have also noticed when he's watching the Lion King (by now his favorite movie of all times). When Hakuna Matata comes along he stand up and sings loudly "Alguna Patata!!". I must say I admire his courage and fantasy.

Borjita in dress Yesterday Clarita felt a lot better, and because she no longer had a fever and because we were sure she has nothing contagious she was allowed to play together with Borjita again. She eagerly used this opportunity to give Borjita a dress and to smear his face with as much make-up as possible. Borjita was not so happy with the process, but the result - apart from the wig - was more appreciated. I don't think he'll appreciate the photo so much in 10 years time, but at the moment he's extraordinarily proud of it!

Lots of love.


¡ALGUNA PATATA! hahaha, still makes me laugh =). And, of course I'm very interested in your new belt (no sarcasm!) What does it look like?
Written by Adinda on Sun, 11 Oct 2009 at 17:38
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