Skatepark and Artea
Written on: Tue, 29 Sep 2009; 12:32
And I guess it's time for a new blog, as it has been a very busy week once again! Slowly I discover life around here, and more and more things start to happen. Artea, practicing Spanish, going to the skatepark with the kids and of course my weekly visit to the IKEA.

Alexandra and I went to Artea past Thursday. It is a shopping mall with a truly gigantic supermarket, an H&M, a Zara and many other really nice and good stores. Very practical for when you want to buy some proper stuff. I bought a winterjacket for when cold starts to come in, and I am really very happy with it! Apart from that it simply was a very good day together with Alexandra. Both of us were gaping at all the delicious vegetables, fruit, cereals and similar products in the supermarket. That makes me miss the Netherlands so much: the food!

SkateparkThe beach Thursday and Friday Clarita and Borjita did not have school, because it was the celebration of some local Maria, for as far as I understood. So on Friday morning I took them to the skatepark right next to the beach. The weather was absolutely wonderful and they ran around and let their duplo cows slide off the skatecourt while I enjoyed the sun. The weather was even that good that they couldnít stop themselves from playing under the showers on the beach, without t-shirts but still with wet jeans and shoes! On Saturday the skatepark was a succes once again, although the weather was slightly less nice and both kids were wearing a sweater.

On Sunday Alexandra and I went to a cafe to practice Spanish, and to do the homework that we had for the lesson the next day. We add to each otherís knowledge, and apart from that we just had a very enjoyable afternoon together! Because of that we decided to have lunch together yesterday with pancakes, green peas, salad and apple. A dreammeal for both of us. We have decided to do that every Monday from now on. We will have lunch together and then practice Spanish!

The coming week many things are planned once again. On Thursday we're going to Artea again, to practice Spanish and just to look around. On Saturday weíre going to Bilbao and afterwards we'll have dinner at IKEA. This entire weekend (from Friday evening) Iím free, as the family is going to Santander. A weekend of nothing sounds pretty good to me!

Lots of love.


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