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Written on: Sun, 20 Sep 2009; 20:04
Since my birthday I’ve dived into social life just a bit more - and I guess you just have to when you’re 18, right! The IKEA was already planned, but I added in a trip to the movies and a visit to a medieval market. This is my story!

 Mi cumple Since my previous blog I’ve felt more and more special because of all the messages for my birthday and about my blog, and because I have received delicious “pepernoten” from the Netherlands sent by my lovely parents! As I said, I’m being spoiled way too much! So while I was in bed coughing I had to smile all the time because of my amazing friends! A great way to be sick. Here you can also see one of the promised pictures from my birthday. There are more to be found under “foto’s”.

 Alex in de IKEA Saturday I went - despite a strong cold - to the IKEA together with Alexandra. That was planned, and we were both looking forward to it a lot. Laughing we compared “houses” in IKEA and we imagined how we would design our own, and our room here if we didn’t consider it useful for the short time we’re here. In the end I bought a box for my “pepernoten” and a socket box. Of course we enjoyed a lovely typical IKEA meal of meatballs and cranberry sauce. Delicious! Alexandra was especially excited with the Swedish candy she was able to buy.

Maiju is another aupair - from Finland - who texted Alexandra asking whether she would join her to the cinema. In the end we went with the three of us. For me it meant seeing a bit more of Getxo, and I guess watching a movie in Spanish teaches me a lot. We watched “The Hangover”, beautifully dubbed. Luckily the movie is understandable without fully understanding the spoken words!

 Middeleeuwen Algorta Eunate had told me that there would be a medieval market in Algorta during the weekend, and that is at around 20 minutes walking from my place. It sounded like a good plan to both Alexandra and Maiju, so at 1pm this afternoon we standing in the rain looking around on the market. There were many booths with wooden toys, many spices, jewellery and of course a lot of food. The salesmen were walking around in real medieval costumes and everywhere you could hear enthusiastic music. Despite the rain the atmosphere was extremely amicable! Apparently there are such markets in Algorta more often, so next time I’ll be present!

Now I’m having a chilled time and I’m trying not to use my voice so that I’ll have it fully recovered by tomorrow. Don’t I just love having colds! Borjita seems totally recovered by the way and he is not having any trouble walking. Which is why he is returning to school tomorrow.

Lots of love.


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