Written on: Thu, 17 Sep 2009; 22:27
As I was asked to write a blog today, I guess I will do so. The past week was great, and today was even more amazing! I had my first two Spanish lessons, made my first friend and I got a candybeam this morning! I’m being spoiled...

Monday at my first Spanish lesson I saw Alexandra for the first time, and we took off straight away. She is Swedish with a Chilean father, and her Spanish is sort of comparable to mine. Thus, the lesson was great fun. Mostly, we just talked a lot - in Spanish of course - and we also worked through the past tense. Exactly what I had hoped. After class Alexandra and I spent some time strolling around Getxo, we bought an icecream and walked home together. She lives very close to where I live, so from now on we can walk to class together!

The second Spanish lesson was just as much fun. By now we have started the future tense as well, so we’re progressing fast. Our teacher has decided that we are too “good” to start with the first book, so coming Monday we will be doing our final exam for book 1, so that we can go on to book two. I have no idea what they’ll be asking on the exam, but I’m sure I’ll be just fine.

Today is my birthday, and everyone is faaaaaaaaar too nice for me. Everyone seems to have surprises! Today I got 4 cards by mail - which all arrived EXACTLY on my birthday! I was beaming when I read them, so thank you sooooo much to the senders! Apart from that a lovely candybeam was hanging in my room when I returned from the shower and I went on a treasurehunt this afternoon to find my present. From the washing machine to the fridge to the mail box to the swimming pool to the balcony to the hallway to under my very own bed!

As well I have baked an apple pie myself today. Although with the Spanish ingredients it’s hard to make it succeed entirely, I still think it was very nice. We ate some as our dessert after they sang “Cumpleaños Feliz!” for me and I blew out the candles!

On the lesser side, Borjita is a bit sick. He’s got an inflammation in his leg and he can’t walk for 4 days! Poor fellow... It means that I’ll need to amuse him even more for the coming four days, so I’ll be very busy! I’m a bit sick too. Some sort of extreme cold with a nice sore throat, but I’m sure it’ll go away!

In any way I would like to thank everyone who made my day so extremely special with surprises, notes, songs and so much more. I absolutely loved it!

Oh, also. I wanted to post some photo\'s in this blog, but due to my inaptness at technical stuff you\'ll have to check the photoalbum in a few days when I will have been able to upload the photo\'s... My apologies.

Lots of love.


hope you have had a great birthday
lots of love from all of us
Written by ali on Fri, 18 Sep 2009 at 08:44
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