Written on: Sun, 13 Sep 2009; 23:10
After a week I feel... like Iím sort of part of Getxo. Since the 9th of the 9th of í09 I officially am an inhabitant of Getxo. I have a Spanish simcard for my phone, my Spanish lessons are sorted and the kids are pretty much used to me now.

Het oude Getxo Every morning after Iíve dropped the kids off at school I continue exploring Getxo. Two or three hours I walk through the town (more like a city - 100.000 inhabitants) and I discover beautiful new quarters. On my way back from the town hall I accidentally walked into the oldest part of Getxo. It was like I travelled back in time around 300 years! Cobbled roads and stairs through which no car could ever pass, red and green shutters in front of the windows and small squares. With my photo camera ready to shoot I really felt like an intruder in that world.

 Clarita When I walk towards the ocean from our house I walk over a very long cycling- and walking path, next to which is a playground to which I like to take the kids. Apart from that the path is very useful for my attempt to start running. The view is absolutely amazing, there are enough people around to feel safe and the fresh sea wind feels great!

As I said my Spanish lessons have been sorted. The Behal Academy is known as a good place, so Iím looking forward to it. Twice a week I have one hour of class together with another aupair from Sweden. Tomorrow is my first class, and I am very curious. I hope my level of Spanish is similar to hers.

Borjita en ik Friday evening is my babysitting night, and this week was fantastic. Borjita was fascinated by the camera in my laptop and together we had a true photoshoot! He can be such an adorable little fellow! It would be nice if I could read for them before going to bed, and then actually understand what I was reading!

Even in this place there is an Ikea, and obviously I had to pay it a visit! With the metro/MRT/tube - for the first time, I almost missed the stop... - and then walking for quite a while I saw the well-known blue building. I had a great, real Ikea meal and I bought a bulletin board! Having come home I put together a collage of photos on it with pictures of everyone. Now my room feels more like mine, and I can look at all those people everyday for the coming year!

I am curious what this week will bring, and hope to meet some people my age here. Maybe Iíll meet some via the aupair - Alexandra - with whom Iíll be having class tomorrow!

Lots of love.


Sounds like a great place, can't wait to hear more stories about au pairing!
Written by Linda on Mon, 14 Sep 2009 at 08:39
Sounds really brilliant! But I have just ONE complaint. MORE PICTURES! NOW!
Yay for Ikea! I really want Ikea meatballs! But guess what? Aberdeen Doesn't have an Ikea!
Shock and horror!
Written by Shruti on Mon, 14 Sep 2009 at 09:35
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