The "real" thing
Written on: Tue, 8 Sep 2009; 17:24
The first few "real" days as aupair in Getxo have passed. Now I get to see what life will really be like during the coming year. At least, considering what my days will look like. I can only hope that temperatures will change, as according to the thermometer it is 37 degrees here right now… Luckily I've been told that this temperature is not normal for this area, and that it will decrease soon. I desperately hope so!

After my complaints about the temperature we'll move to what actually matters. What have I done during the past few days?
Sunday was great. Very warm, of course, but peaceful. I didn't have to work (Sunday is my free day) and in the morning I immediately went to explore Getxo. It is a lovely little town, and even without the map I can get back to the house without too many problems. It is a real Spanish town. Women stroll around calmly, gossiping, and the men hang on stools in the parks. Nobody seems to really have a goal. Well, it was Sunday and I suppose most people wouldn't have a goal on Sundays! The beach is great too. Until 11 or 12 o'clock there is absolutely no one, and you can peacefully look out over the bay. To be honest, you should look to your right, because to your left there is an industrial area… In the afternoon and the evening the beach is crowded! The entire female community is getting tanned while small half-naked children are running around them. Many people go into the water as well, and in the distance you see people surfing and sometimes sailing.

On Monday Borjita went to school. He's still got introduction days, as he is going to the "big" school for the first time. The real school only starts on Wednesday, and then Clarita will go as well. Borjita doesn't yet like the idea of going to school at all. Every morning he starts crying just looking at his school uniform, and shouts "¡¡No quiero á colé!!". Crying loudly we hand him over to his teachers at 10am. With Clarita I went to the beach on Monday morning, where she had a lot of fun in the water with some friends, and then we picked up Borjita - now happy again and holding a drawing - from school. The swimming pool in the garden is a great success with the kids. So that afternoon once again we went swimming!

Tuesday was similar. Again to the swimming pool, and we picked up Borjita after which we went to the swimming pool once again. It is the only way to be outside and stand the heat. While Eunate took Clarita to the dentist, I went to the park with Borjita where he laughed outrageously being pushed by me on the swing. Immediately after he fell asleep in the stroller and I could push him home.

Now both children are proudly walking around on their new rainboots with their new umbrellas. For when it rains.

Lots of love!


Aww! Sounds like you're having a good time!! The children seem really lovely -like complete little angels!
The place sounds really lovely as well!
So, pictures!!! Go click away because I want to see!

Miss you!!
Written by Shruti on Tue, 8 Sep 2009 at 17:32
Little angels? I wish...=P But they're nice, most of the time!
Written by Indira on Tue, 8 Sep 2009 at 17:40
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