Written on: Sat, 5 Sep 2009; 23:15
I've spent over 24 hours in Getxo, with Borja, Eunate, Clarita and Borjita. The past 24 hours were special, a lot to get used to, nice, fun and even a bit frightening.

Yesterday, when I was in the car on my way to the airport, the nerves slowly started coming up. It is a bit frightening to go to an entirely unknown place, where you're being picked up from the aiport by someone you've never met before, and then to go live with that person in the same house for around 9 months!
My airplane managed - while everyone was on board 10 minutes before the planned flying time - to still build up a half hour delay! I kept looking at my watch nervously, because my transit at Frankfurt airport wasn't granting me a lot of extra time. At the airport I ran from my arrival gate to the next gate, and arrived perfectly in time for my next flight! While touching down in Bilbao - looking out over the beautiful mountains - a big smile appeared on my face. It is always remains exciting to go to a completely new place and to look around!

Eunate came to pick me up from the airport alone. She recognized me straight away, and I recognized her too. On the way home she told me a lot about Getxo, the children, Borja and a lot more. At the house Borja awaited us at the door, to say hi and to carry my 32 kg suitcase up the stairs. Upstairs Clarita and Borjita greeted me excitedly and without being shy! They even prepared a little show for me! Also they - of course - were immediately excited with the presents.

For the rest of the evening we talked a lot, I was able to ask all my questions and we ate home-made pizza. Here in Spain they eat a lot later, and the "big" meal is at lunch, which is also incredibly late (3pm or so). Very strange. I'll have to get used to it!

This morning we went for a stroll, well, a long walk. We crossed the river with a really cool "bridge". It's a bit like a skilift. The children are not shy at all, they're already climing all over me!
In the afternoon we took a shorter stroll, and now I'm watching football with Borja. Spain versus Belgium. Not understandable at all with the rapid Spanish comments, but you can watch football without the comments too!

I'm already getting used to things, and I'm sure I'll feel at home here!

Lots of love.


i didnt no you had a blog!! and now im reading it lol. :) wow this all sounds really nice and im glad the children took to you immediately. i cant believe you're going to learn spanish as well!
Written by Sneha on Sun, 6 Sep 2009 at 04:42
Hey!!! you're about to start smth big that will definitely change your entire life. The post conveys such a nice atmosphere, brought of course by your unique way of telling stories. I'm sure you're gonna have a blast in the future months. Enjoy!
Written by Rafa on Sun, 6 Sep 2009 at 18:01
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